Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to thank all of my hundreds of clients through the years who have helped make my business WildCaught such a success.  I am grateful to you all!  Your customer satisfaction is my priority.  I am always here to help with any questions.   I would also like to thank my family, Carly, James, Gma, and Kua for all your love and support.  To my dear friends life would not be as wonderful as it is without you.  I feel gratitude every day to do what I love, have what I have, and live in such a wonderful land- America!

Studio 209-532-6450  Cell at 209-694-5702




Shipping questions

 I try my best to process my orders as quickly as possible but I also travel to art shows throughout the show season almost every weekend from May to October in California and other states. Allow 7 to 10 days on coffee cups and prints.  However on my custom framed art and my originals please allow 3 to 8 weeks during my busy show season months. I will call you as soon as I see your order to let you know where your order stands in my queue.


How do I order your framed art online and have it shipped?

 Due to the website design I cannot add additional time into USPS shipping times. They are auto generated by USPS.  Given I travel through the busy show season I cannot process orders with-in the USPS time frame except on my coffee mugs and prints.  There-fore I have a two part order.

First Step- Order what you want in your shopping cart and pay by which ever method you choose.  I will see your order in my queue and then I will quickly call you and tell you my time frame.  In the summer months allow 8 weeks for custom orders.  Second Step- I will call you with my schedule and let you know your expected time of delivery. I will tell you how much your shipping and boxing is.  Once I receive the payment for your shipping I begin your order.  I will email you a tracking number from USPS as well.


Can I order the coffee mugs and prints online and have them shipped?

 Yes you can. Your shipping option just is not built in. When I see your order I will call you with your shipping delivery date and price. Call me for any questions.


Don’t want to purchase online ?

You can always call me direct to work out purchasing and shipping.  I offer both credit card and PayPal options for purchasing.  Not comfortable ordering with credit cards?  You can call and work out payment with checks or money orders as well.  Once your check clears I begin work on your order.


Can I make payments for my art investment?

PayPal has a nice feature to apply for their lay away plan.  It allows you to order your art from me but make installment payments to PayPal.  Just go to the shopping cart check out and the PayPal button will prompt you on how to sign up for PayPal payment options.


Do you have sales on your art?

Yes I do.  I keep a special link called Sale Items.  Under sale items I always have great deals.  At my shows I have even better deals but only at the shows.


Need some extra help with details?

Just give me a call and I am happy to help with all questions.


Can I order your largest pieces?

Yes, but the shipping option on large pieces isn’t built into my site for several reasons.  The larger paintings are really beautiful and you can view some of them online but call me direct about the shipping.


What do I paint?

My specialty is painting fish primarily in the trout and salmon family.  I also paint Japanese Geisha Women and other nature scenes.   My murals are wonderful and personalized.  You can have your cabin or favorite lake, a peak, or your favorite fishing fly painted around your catch.   Just call me for the details how to create your own special mural that holds meaning to you.


Can I request an original of a certain fish?

Absolutely, just call my studio. If the client has pictures of the catch such as a salmon caught in Alaska, the client sends me his/her photo. I work from my own photos as well as my own collection of fish taxidermy.


Can originals be ordered online?

Yes they can be ordered online.  I will call you after I see your order and we can discuss your ideas, as well as shipping. In my Gallery are some originals that I offer for sale in beautiful hardwood frames.  If I don’t have the fish you’re after in my online gallery, contact me direct to discuss your piece.  All of my work is custom framed by me in my signature framing.  I stitch my work into beautiful organic papers and fabrics.


How are the Original fish painted?

I paint my originals onto muslin or parchment paper, using a combination of media.  The process creates a beautiful nostalgic feel, much as our early explorers etched in their journals or early Audubon drawings.   Painting on fabric is an ancient art form itself, used by many cultures, the Japanese and Chinese to name a few.  Fabric is unforgiving and requires much skill.   After I finish a painting I sometimes apply a gloss that creates a shine that feels like water over the body of the fish. I am known for my brilliant colors that I achieve in my paintings. The originals are a wonderful investment for your home and spirit.  I choose a custom frame, usually hardwoods but not always, for each original.  You can change frames if you wish by calling me about your special order.


Are all of the framed pictures originals on my website?

No.  Most of the framed pieces are limited edition prints.  The description will state if you are looking at custom framed art prints or originals.


How do I frame my art?

My framing is 100% original, stunning, and my own creation. I actually stitch my work into specialty papers and fabrics creating a vintage feel of a bygone era.


Can I request other frames?

Yes call me.  Pricing is determined by size, frame, and prints vs. originals.